What Is the Abbreviation for Partnership

The Secretary of State conducts a preliminary review to determine the availability of the name, limited liability company or limited liability company before filing the articles, registration or organization. Business owners can call the Secretary of State`s office or access that office`s website before filing, to determine if the name is available. The telephone number is (651) 296-2803. The Secretary of State`s office does not guarantee that the name will be available at the time of filing, but founders or organizers who wish to retain a name before forming a company or limited liability company may file a reservation of name with the Secretary of State`s office. (See the section in this chapter below on „Booking a Company Name or Limited Liability Name.“) As with the presentation of a certificate of the adopted name, the registration of a company name or a limited liability company or a limited liability name does not necessarily mean that the name can be used without penalty. There may be existing users of this name who have perfected an earlier federal trademark or customary name law without having been registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State. Also note that registering an Internet domain name is a completely different process than filing it with the Minnesota Secretary of State. These users may be able to use the courts to prevent founders, organizers, or companies from actually using the name, even if it is available for registration with the Secretary of State. The word partnership acts as a name in the above sentences.

You can abbreviate the word partnership in p`ship. on a bill or company. It is also common to see such abbreviations in shortcuts, headlines, or newspaper headlines where space is important. There is a common abbreviation for partnership: p`ship. If you want to make this plural, just add an „s“. The plural abbreviation for partnership is p`ships. Naming requirements for companies, limited partnerships and limited liability companies are established by law. Hello dear tutors! Need a little advice Do you know the abbreviation of partnership? Thank you! How do you shorten the partnership? There is a common way to shorten the partnership. The Office of the Secretary of State does not accept any statute of a corporation, any statute of registration of a limited liability company, or a statute of the organization of a limited liability company if the name of the company, limited liability company, or limited liability company matches or is indistinguishable from the name of a Minnesota or foreign company. Limited liability company, limited partnership, limited partnership or reserved name or trademark. (See the article titled „Determining if a name is recognizable“) Hello Yetta, if the limited partnership is also a limited partnership, it contains the expression „Limited Liability Limited Partnership“ or the abbreviation „LLLP“ or „L.L.L.P. “ and may not otherwise contain the abbreviation „LP“ or „L.P.“ Cheers, Tatyana This article is part of a series of articles on choosing a type of business entity.

Definition of partnership: Partnership is defined as the state of being a partner or partner; an association of two or more persons as partners; A corporation or corporation owned and operated by two or more partners. A company name or a limited liability company name may be reserved by a natural or legal person in one of the eligible categories listed below. The reservation is made on a form provided by the Secretary of State and is valid for 12 months. The reservation can be extended for an unlimited number of periods of 12 months. The fee for reserving the name is set out in the Secretary of State`s fee schedule later in this guide. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ABBREVIATIONS, SEE THE FOLLOWING LINKS FOR EXTERNAL TITLES, newspaper titles, or shortcuts, the word is not abbreviated in general prose. Home » Dictionary of Abbreviations » What is the abbreviation of Partnership?. . . .